Being a Great Consultant – mastering the process not the content

I was recently asked what it took to get from being a good consultant to being a great one.  A simple question, but as I described in an earlier post a tough one to answer.  It helped me greatly to clarify first what it took to be Beyond Good as a consultant – qualities summarised in the previous blog below. Finally I came to describe the qualities of what I believe makes the Great Consultant. They possess the qualities of the Beyond Good consultant but have grown to now:

  • Quickly and imperceptibly become the confidante of their clients
  • Become their clients’ long term trusted advisor
  • Re-frame their clients’ thinking and world view through the questions they ask and the insights they generate
  • Be a ‘servant leader’ in their relationship with clients, their ego subsumed to the needs of their client
  • Have a wide repertoire of ‘situational’ consulting styles which they flex and align to the needs of  their client and business context
  • Recognise that there are times when they are at their most powerful / influential when they do and say the least – being the still small voice in the room
  • Selflessly and generously offers insights, shares knowledge, connect people in every conversation
  • Maintain relationships over extended periods of time demonstrating a real interest in and concern for their clients whether or not there is consulting work active or in the offing
  • Continuously, skilfully and adventurously, invest time and energy in their own development as a person as well as a professional
  • Doubt they really know anything other than they have become masters of the process not the content

If you can help me improve this list do let me know, it wasn’t easy getting to here!

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