How do you become a great consultant? Simple question, tough to answer

I was recently asked what it took to get from being a good consultant to being a great one.  A simple question, and one that I thought I could answer quite easily having been a consultant for 30 years. However its the simple questions that prompt the deepest thought. And the more I reflected the less sure I knew what a great consultant was.  I had a handle on what being a good consultant is but the jump from good to great is a big leap indeed.  To bridge the gap I worked on what I thought the qualities of the ‘beyond good’ consultant are.  It turned out to be quite straight-forward to describe. That done I turned to the ‘great’ category – and had a go.  Easier I thought to understand the great consultant through the client’s eyes, and with that perspective in mind and with the  ‘beyond good’ characteristics sorted it became an easier task.

I’ve summarised the characteristics of the Good, Beyond Good, and The Great Consultant in the next three blogs.

I know they can be improved and I’d welcome your feedback and comments to help do so.

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